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Converse CX

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The World of Foam


3 Shoes. 3 Films. 2021 Fall Launch.

We teamed up with Converse to bring you the World of Foam. Built to absorb impact in your step and keep you going all day long, Converse is bringing back the court classic Weapon CX, delivering bold expression via the Run Star Motion and revealing the totally new Aeon Active CX.

Given just the shoe details, Warm & Fuzzy handled the concepting, design, modeling, and animation of the films. The deliverables included 2 individual shoe films, a hero edit of the full lineup, cutdowns at all different aspect ratios, and still assets for print. These assets set the look and feel for the entire campaign and were leveraged globally across the brand.

Warm & Fuzzy
Warm & Fuzzy
Warm & Fuzzy
Warm & Fuzzy
Warm & Fuzzy
Warm & Fuzzy



Some Leftovers

Months of work naturally led to a lot of content left on the cutting room floor. 

Look development, animations, simulations, and explorations all in one place. 

The people behind it all



  • Andrew Jerez (Creative Director)
  • Chris Grey (Head of Production)
  • Mitch Fields (CG Artist + Design)
  • Matt Parent (Animator)
  • Uli Streckenbach (CG Artist)
  • Kevin Ferrara (Animator)
  • Hung Ma (Modeler )
  • Yuta Endo (Sound Design)
  • Sofie Chen (Storyboard Artist)
  • Carlos Aartsen (3D Artist)
  • Jesse Payne (Editor)
  • Elliot Fan (Compositor)
  • Tanguy Bodivit (3D Artist)
  • Stephen Hannon (Designer)
  • J. Collins (Designer)
  • Alex Temirov (Modeler)

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