For the release of the 2021 Type R, Honda’s high performance version of the Civic, they sought to create a series of videos demonstrating the sheer speed and handling of the vehicle. What better way than to have the car race against a high-tech transforming robot?

Using social media as the optimal platform for the Type R’s younger audience, Honda and their agency RPA assembled an all star team of those who specialize in creating the most compelling social content out there: Director Ari Fararooy – With over 245k Instagram followers he is known for his scroll-stopping surrealist visual-effects-driven videos. Warm & Fuzzy – who specialize in high-end VFX, animation, and design work for brands across all mediums. And Beverly Hills Aerials – leaders in drone and traditional videography who handled all filming of the vehicle for this project.

Warm & Fuzzy was responsible for all visual effects work on the robotic creature. We worked closely with director Ari Fararooy to determine the look of the robot at each stage of transformation. Our work included concept design sketches, concept art, on-set supervision, character modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing. The final product is the result of weeks worth of look development and RND with a team of 11 artists.