Converse teamed up with Warm & Fuzzy for their 2021 Pride campaign. Starting with a static piece of commissioned artwork, they asked W&F to turn it into a lush landscape of animated content. The artwork is inspired by individual stories, with each style featuring a graphic that explores the duality of struggle and joy along the journey to self-love.⁣ Converse used a group of All Stars from around the world to create a new product collection by and for the LGBTQIA+ community.⁣

The final output was a multitude of unique animated content: A hero mural with all 5 shoes, 5 individual shoe animations, a series of inspirational quote animations, and an interactive AR filter. All formatted and exported in a variety of aspect ratios and sizes for versatility across all social platforms.


Creative Director John Bashyam
Executive Producer Chris Grey
Animator Brian Legoo
Animator Jory Federighi
Animator Erik Fashingbauer
AR Filter Developer Carlos Aartsen