Production Company Media Stranger

Produced For Coachella / Golden Voice

Looking back at our first year working with one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Production company Media Stranger came to us months before the festival to discuss ways we could give the official Coachella after-movie some added visual magic. After much creative discussion, we settled on the concept of a parallax photo. Taking a still photo, breaking it out into layers, and animating it with a 3d camera. Thus creating a surreal frozen-time dolly effect.

Given the careful planning needed to make the effect work properly, our team was required to be on location providing supervision throughout the event. This ensured that the post-production process went as smoothly as possibly. Using a combination of masking, clean-plating, and projection mapping onto 3d geometry for dynamic camera-moves we delivered around 80 VFX shots. Coachella and Media Stranger were so pleased with our work that we have been creatively consulting and producing content for them every year since.

All videos below were created from still photographs.