The year was 2013. Anticipation was high on the streets of NOLA as the Ravens and the 49ers fiercely fought for the championship title. Once the halftime performance wrapped, a blackout wreaked chaos, havoc and confusion on the stadium. What really happened? Who was behind it? And why? We set out to get real answers in this delightful animated interview.

Warm & Fuzzy handled everything from concept designs and illustrations to 2d animation, editing, and sound design on this 6 minute piece. Tune into the Roku Channel and check out How It Happened!


Creative Director Andrew Jerez
Executive Producer Chris Grey
Design Director Yuval Haker
Editor Joe Slavin
Lead Animator Pavelas Laptevas
Animator / Storyboard Artist Mitch Fields
Animator Alon Sivan
Jr. Animator Jesse Payne
Sound Design / Music Yuta Endo